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Internetinė svetainė pagal ruošinį
  • Customisation of design template
  • Responsive design
  • Simple web pages customisation tool
  • Contact form
  • Image gallery
  • Social network integration
  • Data protection informational window
  • Email creation
  • Google analytics integration
  • Google maps

Individualaus dizaino svetainė
  • Custom design
  • Design to WordPress
  • Simple web pages customisation tool
  • Contact form
  • Image gallery
  • Social network integration
  • Email creation
  • Google analytics integration
  • Google maps

Individualus sprendimas
  • Catalogs, video course websites, customer reservation systems, real estate websites.
  • Custom or template design
  • Simple web pages customisation tool
  • Functionalities integration and customisation
  • Email creation
  • Contact form
  • Image gallery
  • Social network integration
  • Google analytics integration
  • Google maps

Professional website design and development according your needs

With the help of the internet, the world is getting smaller. As a result, the importance of a website for a business is only growing. A website is a tool for your business that can bring great added value to both your business and your customers. Therefore, it is simply necessary to reap the benefits of the Internet.

We create landing pages, representative, informational and complex websites. We integrate the required functionalities.

Our Solutions

We offer standard and customized website design solutions based on customer needs

Website fast and cost effective

Creating a website using templates. This is a great way to represent the services, products or start selling with a small budget and time.

Custom Design Website

Websites or email the design of the store is tailored to your individual needs. This decision requires more time and a larger budget.

We specialize in WordPress content management system

The projects we create are easy to develop and improve, and this advantage is achieved by the WordPress web content management system we use.

After completion of the project, we do not leave our clients at the mercy of their fate. We provide website maintenance and consulting services, and teach you how to use it.

WordPress Advantages

One of the best features of WordPress is easy content management. Therefore, not only programmers can learn how to use WordPress content management system. This is because this system has an intuitive user interface. An integrated feature management field where users can add new pages, posts, categories, change settings and more. One of the best features of WordPress is its ease of use.

Photos, videos, text and other visual elements can be easily added to your WordPress page to make the necessary content changes. This system offers a drag-and-drop system that lets you drag and drop visual content to a desired location, load it and easily place it on a page.

Friendliness of the google search engine is one of the biggest benefits of WordPress CMS. Search engines love WordPress because its system code is simple and clean, but it is easy for search engines like google to identify and index the content of pages. Also, this system gives you the ability to apply SEO components to every page, thus ensuring a high position in search engine results.

The WordPress open source system offers special flexibility that can be used to create websites for different purposes. This can be either an information website, a blog or an e-shop. And with new needs for development, new pages and features, this can be created and integrated into an existing website.

WordPress CMS software, system code is updated regularly. As a result, WordPress meets all the security requirements of today and provides the latest technological solutions.

Woocommerce is a plugin for WordPress. Which allows you to create great-looking e-commerce. stores with all the functionality you need. The Woocommerce plugin integrates seamlessly with WordPress CMS and gives you full control over your online store.

With WordPress CMS, you can grow your website as your business grows. You can start with a simple one-page informational site and later turn it into an online store or portfolio page if you need it, or add an unlimited number of blog articles.

WordPress is also ahead of other platforms as a money-saving platform. The cost of creating, developing, programming, maintaining WordPress designs is low compared to other platforms.

Our Works

DJ/ Producer website
Tomas Krisčiūnas website

Website Creation Process

Work list


Design work

Programming work

Website launch


The most important things we need to know about you are: what you do, what services or products you want to sell, the main purpose of the site (sales, idea testing, etc.), discuss the site structure, design, visuals, functionality.

The work takes time depending on the complexity of the project, the amount of content on the site and how quickly we get all the necessary information from the customer to develop the site. Setting up a standard e-shop takes from 2 to 4 weeks.

Contact us at +37062118021, email email or fill out the contact form on the right.

We provide internal SEO optimization services. So we can optimize the internal SEO of the online store.
The price depends on the number of internal pages and products.

Yes. We optimize and customize the design for all screen sizes, from mobile devices, boards to different screen sizes.

We use a reliable and popular content management system – WordPress, Woocommerce for website management. This content management system makes it easy to make the necessary changes to your content as you expand your website, add additional products, pages, and functionality. You can read more about WordPress and Woocommerce here

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